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     Your installation process begins with a free consultation.  During the consultation the sales representative will listen to your needs.  He or she will also evaluate several factors of the property.

    In the case of a city water supplied job, we will measure the amount of pressure at your home, the gallons per minute available from your service meter.  This will help us determine how many circuits or zones it will require to irrigate the requested area.  In the case of a lake or pond supplied system, we will determine the correct horse power pump and supply line.

     We will design your sprinkler system, using head to head coverage.  Head to head or sometimes referred to as “double coverage” will ensure that you will not have any dry spots.

     When you receive your written estimate, it will supply you with an estimated number of heads, valves, location of the timer, and size of the supply lines.  The estimate is very clear and spells out the materials required to install the system.

     Your new installation includes a 5 year warranty and your first year winterization.  We accept Visa, Mastercard and John Deere Credit upon approval.

     Please browse some of the photos which demonstrate some of the installation processes which make Aquatech Irrigation, LLC stand out above the rest!