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     Aquatech Irrigation, LLC offers several options which can be installed on a new installation or an existing system.  If you can imagine it… more than likely, Aquatech can build it!
Check out these options:

  •  A HUNTER  Wireless Rain Click, rain sensor save you from having ugly wires running all over the place.  Not only does the rain sensor save you the embarrassment of watering your lawn in the rain, but it conserves precious water and saves you money!

  • A fully programmable Weathermatic Smart Line Controller with a weather station.  Calculates precise watering requirements on a daily basis.  The weather station mounts to the top of your home and monitors precipitation, humidity, temperature and length of day light.  Based on your latitude on the earth, soil inputs, plant inputs and shade factor, the weather station waters each zone according to the monitored variables.  Now that is high tech!


  • An exterior controller installation is the ultimate in convenience.  You will no longer have to worry about walking into your garage with dirty shoes to make sprinkler controller adjustments!

  • Enclose a hose bib at a garden or at the side of your drive (for washing you toys or cars).  Maybe add a hose at the back of your property to water plants or wash out a dog kennel!
  • Tired of fertilizing your yard or even worse… paying a lawn service to fertilize?  Why not fertilize through your sprinkler system?  Visit www.ezfloinjection.com
  • Do you have a pool?  Do you love to lay out in the sun?  How about a patio mist system!  Yes, just like Disney… you too can have an exotic high pressure mist system by your pool or patio.  Some even choose to have a mist system accent the landscaping in conjunction with landscape lighting!

  • Grading and Sod.  Yes, we can install your sod.  This avoids a lot of confusion and ensures that your lawn will be green.  It also avoids any costly service calls, in the event that a separate company were to damage your sprinkler system while installing or preparing to install your sod.

  • Trenching.  We can trench a path for electrical, water, drain pop up emitters, utilities such as gas or telephone.  Just let us know and we can do it!

  • Drain tile and gutter emitters are your best defense against soil erosion and concrete heaving.

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